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The Images Canada team would love to hear from you. Please send us your comments about our site.

We will forward comments and questions to specific partners on your behalf, or you may contact them directly at the locations provided below.

If you would like us to respond to your email, you will need to provide an email address:

Partner Contact Information

Alberta InSight

Janet McMaster
System Administrator
Archives Society of Alberta
182 Oakbriar Close S.W.
Calgary, AB  T2V 5G6
Telephone: 403-236-3406
Fax: 780-425-1679
Email: jmcmast@shaw.ca
Website: www.archivesalberta.org
To order individual photographs, please contact the relevant institution (see www.archivesalberta.org/default.asp?V_ITEM_ID=68 for contact information.)

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Canada Aviation Museum

Information Resources
Canada Aviation Museum
P.O. Box 9724, Station T
Ottawa, ON  K1G 5A3
Fax: 613-990-3655
Email: permission@nmstc.ca
Website: www.aviation.nmstc.ca

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Canada Science and Technology Museum

CSTMC/CN Photograph Collection
Library and Information Services
Canada Science and Technology Museum
P.O. Box 9724, Station T
Ottawa, ON  K1G 5A3
Telephone: 613-991-4975
Fax: 613-990-3636
Email: library@technomuses.ca
Website: http://imagescn.technomuses.ca

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City of Calgary, Corporate Records, Archives

City of Calgary, Corporate Records, Archives
P.O. Box 2100, Stn. M, #8007
Calgary, AB  T2P 2M5
Telephone: 403-268-8180
Fax: 403-268-6731
Email: archives@calgary.ca
Website: www.calgary.ca/cweb/gateway/gateway.asp

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Earth Sciences Information Centre, NRCan

Photo Collection
Earth Sciences Information Centre
Natural Resources Canada
615 Booth Street, Room 121
Ottawa, ON  K1A OE9
Telephone: 613-995-4177
Fax: 613-943-1549
Email: esic.photo@nrcan.gc.ca
Website: www.nrcan.gc.ca/ess/esic/index.html

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Glenbow Library and Archives

Glenbow Library and Archives
130 - 9th Avenue S.E.
Calgary, AB  T2G 0P3
Telephone: 403-268-4204
Fax: 403-232-6569
Email: jbowman@glenbow.org
Website: www.glenbow.org

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Halton Images

Walter Lewis
Manager, Support Services
Halton Hills Public Library
9 Church Street
Georgetown, ON  L7G 2A3
Telephone: 905-873-2681 ext. 2506
Fax: 905-873-6118
Email: lewisw@hhpl.on.ca
Website: www.library.hhpl.on.ca

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Library and Archives Canada

Library and Archives Canada
Images Canada Project
395 Wellington Street
Ottawa, ON  K1A 0N4
Telephone: 613-995-6806
Fax: 613-996-1341
Email: imagescanada@lac-bac.gc.ca
Website: www.imagescanada.ca

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Niagara Public Library

Andrew Porteus
Manager of Adult Reference & Information Services
Niagara Falls Public Library
4848 Victoria Avenue
Niagara Falls, ON L2E 4C5
Telephone: 905-356-8080
Fax: 905-356-7004
Email: aporteus@niagarafalls.library.on.ca
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Nova Scotia Museum

Nova Scotia Museum Image Collection
Heritage Resource Services
Nova Scotia Museum
1747 Summer Street,
Halifax, NS  B3H 3A6
Fax: 902-424-0560
Email: nsmbooks@gov.ns.ca
Website: http://museum.gov.ns.ca

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Simon Fraser University Library

Lynn Copeland
University Librarian
Simon Fraser University
Burnaby, BC  V5A 1S6
Telephone: 604-291-3265
Fax: 604-291-3023
Email: copeland@sfu.ca
Website: www.sfu.ca

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Sir Alexander Galt Museum & Archives

Greg Ellis
Sir Alexander Galt Museum & Archives
910 4th Ave. S.
Lethbridge, AB  T1J 0P6
Telephone: 403-329-7302
Fax: 403-329-4958
Email: archives@galtmuseum.com
Website: www.galtmuseum.com

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Toronto Public Library

Johanna Wellheiser
Manager, Preservation and Digitization Services
Toronto Reference Library
Toronto Public Library
789 Yonge Street
Toronto, ON  M4W 2G8
Telephone: 416-393-7128
Fax: 416-393-7147
Email: jwellheiser@tpl.toronto.on.ca
Website: http://digit.tpl.toronto.on.ca

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University of New Brunswick Libraries

Marc Bragdon
Electronic Services Librarian
Electronic Text Centre
University of New Brunswick Libraries
5 Macaulay Drive
Fredericton, NB  E3B 5H5
Telephone: 506-452-6103
Fax: 506-453-4595
Email: mbragdon@unb.ca
Website: www.unb.ca

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University of Toronto Library

Anne Dondertman
Assistant Director
Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library
120 St. George Street
Toronto, ON  M5S 1A5
Telephone: 416-978-5332
Fax: 416-978-1667
Email: anne.dondertman@utoronto.ca
Website: www.library.utoronto.ca/fisher/

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