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Picture Books

Aardema, Verna. Illus. Beatriz Vidal  Bringing the Rain to Kapiti Plain
Baker, Keith. Text and illus.  The Magic Fan
Carrick, Carol. Illus. Donald Carrick  Patrick's Dinosaurs
Carrick, Carol. Illus. David Milgrim  Patrick's Dinosaurs on the Internet
Carrick, Carol. Illus. Donald Carrick  What Happened to Patrick's Dinosaurs?
Creith, Elizabeth. Illus. Linda Hendry* Erik the Viking Sheep
dePaola, Tomie. Text and illus.  Bill and Pete Go Down the Nile
dePaola, Tomie. Text and illus.  Little Grunt and the Big Egg: A Prehistoric Fairy Tale
dePaola, Tomie. Text and illus.  The Knight and the Dragon
Foreman, Michael. Text and illus.  Jack's Fantastic Voyage
Gerrard, Roy. Text and illus.  Mik's Mammoth
Gilman, Phoebe. Text and illus.* Grandma and the Pirates
Hall, Donald. Illus. Barbara Cooney  Ox-Cart Man
Harrison, Troon. Illus. Alan and Lea Daniel* The Dream Collector
Joyce, William. Text and illus.  Dinosaur Bob and His Adventures with the Family Lazardo
Lawson, Julie. Illus. Werner Zimmermann* Whatever You Do, Don't Go Near That Canoe!
Martin, Rafe. Illus. Stephen Gammell  Will's Mammoth
Montejo, Victor. Illus. Rafael Yockteng* White Flower: A Maya Princess
Montejo, Victor. Illus. Luis Garay* Popol Vuh: A Sacred Book
of the Maya
Nolan, Dennis. Text and illus.  Dinosaur Dream
Nolan, Dennis. Text and illus.  The Castle Builder (out of print)
Peet, Bill. Text and illus.  The Wump World
Sadler, Marilyn. Illus. Roger Bollen  Alistair's Time Machine
Sís, Peter. Text and illus.  Komodo!
Solomon, Evan. Illus. Bill Slavin* Bigbeard's Hook (Nathaniel McDaniel and the Magic Attic)
Wells, Rosemary. Text and illus.  Max and Ruby's First Greek Myth: Pandora's Box
Wells, Rosemary. Text and illus.  Max and Ruby's Midas: Another Greek Myth
Wishinsky, Frieda. Illus. Bill Slavin* A Quest in Time
* = Canadian
(Text in parentheses) = collection or series
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