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Text and logo of nature.ca 150, in large numerals, flanked by 1856 and 2006 in smaller numerals. Text: Museum.
Text: Canadian Museum of Nature.
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Texts: new vision, new spaces, new galleries. Maple leaves, a boy looking at insects in a jar, the head of a model of Daspletosaurus torosus, illustration of the future entrance of the VMMB.
The Canadian Museum of Nature is remaking itself. Come see!
  About the Museum Illustration

From valuable minerals and fossils hidden beneath our feet to the trees that make the oxygen we breathe, from Arctic plants to zebra mussels and everything in between, nature touches every aspect of our lives.

The Canadian Museum of Nature is more than a natural history museum that creates and develops exhibitions for public viewing. Behind our public face is a vibrant, multi-layered, multi-faceted organization composed of research scientists, collection specialists, education and multimedia specialists, and innovators. Come inside!

Illustration of a monarch butterfly.
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