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Text and logo of nature.ca
Text: Canadian Museum of Nature.
150, in large numerals, flanked by 1856 and 2006 in smaller numerals.Text: Renewal.
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A boy looking at insects in a jar.  

Text: Preserving history, building the future.

It's Time for Renewal!

Text: Bigger Bolder Better.
The museum is open! Collage: Illustrated silhouettes of assorted animals; model of Daspletosaurus torosus; grizzly (Ursus arctos) specimen; eastern cougar (Puma concolor couguar) specimen; the countdown clock.
The countdown clock. Text: Days, Hours, Min., Sec.
New galleries in our renovated west wing

Several people moving a life-sized model of Chasmosaurus irvinensis into the museum. Photo Gallery
Watch our Renewal Project unfold through photos.
View of the audience at an information session. Information Sessions
Read summaries of the sessions.
Stonecutters at work on the VMMB, 1907. National Archives of Canada PA-130013. History
A rich heritage to explore.

 Visitor Information
Exhibitions and activities await you at the museum. Plan your visit!
A young girl showing her artwork.
 Galleries Head of a model of Daspletosaurus torosus.
Browse our toothsome projects!
Head of a model of Daspletosaurus torosus.
Look at the drawings and plans.
Illustration: Detail showing the tower on the future facade of the Victoria Memorial Museum Building.