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Text: The museum is open!, Mammal Gallery, Talisman Energy Fossil Gallery.

Canadian Museum of Nature—240 McLeod St., Ottawa, Ont., Canada. Hours & Visitor Info.


Fossil Gallery.


Travel back to end of the age of dinosaurs, their extinction, and the beginning of the age of mammals in the Talisman Energy Fossil Gallery.

Mammals Gallery.


The beautiful dioramas in our Mammal Gallery let you see Canadian mammals up close and discover the amazing adaptations that they've developed to survive.

Birds Gallery.


With an amazing array of more than 450 species, our Bird Gallery presents the largest collection of Canadian birds on display in the world. It's an indoor bird-watching adventure! Opens on December 26, 2006.

Discovery Zone.

Discovery Zone

This multi-purpose space is busy with general programmes, hi-def movies and school-group programmes.

Outside art.

Outside the Museum

Don't overlook the outside! The marriage of art and science is embodied in several displays on and around the museum building: carved stone and figurative stained-glass windows on the facade; and life-sized, realistic sculptures of extinct animals and casts of fossilized dinosaur footprints on the grounds.


Special Exhibition



October 20, 2006 to January 14, 2007

Albert Einstein was daring, wildly ingenious and passionately curious. This fascinating exhibition examines his breakthrough scientific theories, and offers a glimpse into his social and political life.

Exhibitions on the Road

The Canadian Museum of Nature produces travelling exhibitions that are temporarily exhibited across Canada. Visit one near you!