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National Gallery of Canada - Musée des beaux-arts du Canada
Exhibitions from the Canadian Museum of Contemporary Photography
Transfered here during construction works

Due to major construction work led by the National Capital Commission, the Canadian Museum of Contemporary Photography (CMCP) will be temporarily closed to visitors, beginning Wednesday, 4 October 2006, for an undetermined period. The safety of our visitors, our staff and our collection being our priority, we have decided to close until the situation meets our high safety and quality standards.

To minimize disruption to the public caused by this temporary closure, ensure an environmentally stable physical facility for the collections in our care and maintain a high-quality experience for visitors, the two current exhibitions at CMCP, The Painted Photograph and The Street will be transferred and on view at the National Gallery of Canada from 21 October to 19 November 2006. The two upcoming CMCP exhibitions, Jin-me Yoon: Unbidden, organized by the Kamloops Art Gallery, and Persona: From the Collection, will also be shown at the National Gallery and will open, as scheduled, on 1 December 2006. Special activities scheduled at CMCP in conjunction with the exhibitions will instead take place at the NGC during this period. Admission is included with Gallery admission.

We apologize for the inconveniences this temporary situation may cause and thank you for sharing this information with whom it may concern.

21 October to 19 November 2006

The Painted Photograph
This exhibition presents outstanding works by David Bierk, Sarah Nind, and Jaclyn Shoub that combine photography and painting. The artists’ use of both media expresses contemporary concerns about the relationship of nature and culture, originality and replication, and tradition and modernity. David Bierk’s images merge aspects of modernity and tradition to explore the past and present forces that shape contemporary existence. For Sarah Nind, the photograph is a static reproduction of reality that must be augmented to convey ideas of a more spiritual nature. Jaclyn Shoub comments on modern life by using painterly processes that intervene with photographs of urban subject matter. Organized by the Canadian Museum of Contemporary Photography.

The Street: Robert Frank, Tom Gibson, Dave Heath, Michael Schreier, Robert Walker, Justin Wonnacott
Since the production of Daguerre’s view of Boulevard du Temple in 1839, the street has been seen by photographers as both a public space where signs of culture proliferate and a private space where identities are played out. This selection of photographs, taken primarily from the Museum collection, explores the shifting boundaries between private and public. Organized by the Canadian Museum of Contemporary Photography.

1 December to 9 April 2007

Jin-me Yoon : Unbidden
This exhibition consists of a major new installation by artist Jin-me Yoon and marks the first solo tour of her work. The installation uses staged video performances and photographs to explore the relationship between memory, identity, and place, and examine the displacement of peoples, both spatially and temporally, through wars and exile. “Unbidden” refers to images and memories of uncertain origin that involuntarily surface to consciousness. Yoon presents the viewer with scenarios that are both strange and familiar; it is uncertain if the actions that occur allude to real events or whether they derive from television programs, Hollywood movies, or archival images. Using a multilayered approach, the artist investigates the power of all types of media images and their lasting effect on our individual and collective consciousness, and addresses the ambient fear that informs much of post 9/11 life. Organized and circulated by the Kamloops Art Gallery. Guest curator: Susan Edelstein.

Persona : From the Collection
Persona: From the Collection explores contemporary ideas of self-portraiture in the works of General Idea, Leesa Streifler, Rafael Goldchain, Shelley Niro, Rosalie Favell, and Rebecca Belmore. Instead of using the photograph to present a single and static depiction of self, these artists take on various guises in order to examine the relation between identity and larger social and cultural concerns. Organized by the Canadian Museum of Contemporary Photography.