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Air Quality Services



Welcome to the Meteorological Service of Canada’s Air Quality Services website. Clean air is one of the major priorities of the Canadian government. Research indicates that poor air quality has the potential to seriously affect the health, environment and economy of all Canadians.

On this website you can access current air quality conditions, and up to date air quality forecasts, advisories and maps. This information is designed to help you make informed decisions to protect your health, the health of your family, and the environment.

You can access the air quality information in two ways. If you wish to see all the information available for your geographic area, click the appropriate area on the map, or choose your province from the side bar to the left. If you wish to access the information by type (forecast, advisory, etc), choose the appropriate category from the side bar on the left.
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Air Quality Forecasts and Advisories

An air quality forecast, issued daily, is a one to two day prediction of air quality conditions. The air quality is expressed using the Air Quality Index (AQI). The air quality forecasting program works as a partnership between Environment Canada and the provinces.

Air Quality advisories are issued when the air pollution levels exceed national standards. They are issued in partnership with provincial and municipal environment and health authorities and contain advice on action that can be taken to protect the health of Canadians and the environment.

Current Air Quality

Updated hourly, the current air quality gives the level of the various air pollutants. In most provinces it is show using an air quality index or AQI.

Air Quality Maps

Air quality maps are produced at the Canadian Meteorological Centre, Environment Canada’s super computing facility in Montréal. These maps show computer generated air quality forecast conditions that play an important role in the air quality we experience.

Related Links

This page gives you access to fact sheets and other information on air quality, including acid rain and air toxics, produced by Environment Canada and others. It also allows you to find more in-depth information on air quality, and gives links to Environment Canada's regional Web sites.


A list of Air Quality terms and their definitions.

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