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Government of Canada / Gouvernement du Canada
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Aboriginal Peoples

  1. Aboriginal Affairs: Programs and Spending

  2. Aboriginal Business Canada

  3. Aboriginal Canada Portal

  4. Aboriginal Employment Programs

  5. Aboriginal Friendship Centre Program - Canadian Heritage

  6. Aboriginal Head Start in Urban and Northern Communities

  7. Aboriginal Human Resources Development Strategy

  8. Aboriginal Languages Initiative - Canadian Heritage

  9. Aboriginal People's - Canada Health Portal

  10. Aboriginal Planet

  11. Aboriginal Portal at Natural Resources Canada

  12. Aboriginal Representative Organizations Program - Canadian Heritage

  13. Aboriginal Women's Program - Canadian Heritage

  14. Accomplishments Under the Marshall Response Initiative - Fisheries and Oceans Canada

  15. Bibliography of Children's Books

  16. Broadband for Rural and Northern Development

  17. Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation - Aboriginal Peoples

  18. Canada/Territorial Cooperation Agreements for Aboriginal Languages - Canadian Heritage

  19. Canada-Aboriginal Peoples Roundtable

  20. Canada's Performance 2005: The Government of Canada's Contribution

  21. Canadian Health Network - Aboriginal Peoples

  22. Federal Strategy on Early Childhood Development for First Nations and Other Aboriginal Children

  23. First Nations and Inuit Health Branch - Health Canada

  24. First Nations and Inuit Youth Employment Strategy

  25. Indian Residential Schools Resolution Canada

  26. Indian Status

  27. Kids' Stop - Indian and Northern Affairs Canada

  28. National Aboriginal Day

  29. Non-Insured Health Benefits

  30. Northern Native Broadcast Access Program - Canadian Heritage

  31. Northern Strategy

  32. Ontario's Aboriginal Veterans - Indian and Northern Affairs Canada

  33. Regulation.gc.ca

  34. SafeCanada.ca - Information for Aboriginal Peoples

  35. Saskatchewan Aboriginal Services Kiosk

  36. Special Education Program for First Nations

  37. Special Education Training Opportunities - Indian and Northern Affairs Canada

  38. Urban Aboriginal Strategy

  39. Urban Multipurpose Aboriginal Youth Centre Initiative - Canadian Heritage

Access to Information

  1. Access to Information - Forms On-line

  2. Access to Information and Privacy - Justice Canada

  3. Contract History - Contracts Canada

  4. Disclosure of Travel and Hospitality Expenses - Government-wide

  5. Federal Accountability Act and Action Plan

  6. Information for Individuals - Privacy Commissioner of Canada

  7. Lobbyists Registration System (LRS)

  8. Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act - E-kit for Businesses

  9. Privacy Legislation in Canada - Fact Sheet

  10. Proactive Disclosure - Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat

  11. Provincial and Territorial Privacy Laws, Oversight Offices and Government Organizations

  12. Reports of the Auditor General of Canada

  13. Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat - Information for Canadians


see Legislation


see Drugs , Health


see also Children ,  Young Adults

  1. Air Cadets

  2. Army Cadets

  3. Be Drug Wise

  4. Cadets

  5. Canada Day Poster Challenge 2006

  6. Childhood and Adolescence - Public Health Agency of Canada

  7. Culture, Education and Youth - Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada

  8. Generations CanConnect

  9. Guide to Government of Canada Services for Children and their Families

  10. Health Canada - Just for You - Youth

  11. Junior Canadian Rangers Programme

  12. National Child Day

  13. SafeCanada.ca - Information for Youth

  14. Sea Cadets

  15. Transport Canada Youth Portal

  16. Urban Multipurpose Aboriginal Youth Centre

  17. Youth...on the Move! - Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada

  18. Youth Justice Renewal

  19. Youth - Canada Health Portal

  20. Youth and the Environment

  21. Youth.gc.ca


  1. Adoption - Canadian Genealogy Centre

  2. Inter-country Adoption Services

  3. International Adoption and the Immigration Process


see Health , Older Adults


  1. Advancing Canadian Agriculture and Agri-Food (ACAAF) Program

  2. Agri-Food Trade Service - Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

  3. Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada - Programs and Services

  4. Agricultural Policy Framework

  5. Avian Influenza or "Bird Flu"

  6. Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE or "Mad Cow Disease") in North America

  7. Budget 2006 - Quick Index

  8. Business Risk Management - Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

  9. Canadian Agricultural Income Stabilization Program

  10. Canadian Agricultural Skills Service (CASS)

  11. Canadian Agriculture Library

  12. Co-operatives Secretariat - Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

  13. Environment, Natural Resources, Fisheries and Agriculture

  14. Food Safety and Quality - Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

  15. Foot and Mouth Disease

  16. National Land and Water Information Service - Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

  17. National Science Programs - Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

  18. Prairie Farm Rehabilitation Administration

  19. Science and Innovation - Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

  20. Young Scientists' Corner - Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada


see Diseases


see Air Safety


see Air Safety

Air Safety

see also Safety , Travel , Terrorism

  1. Air India Review - Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness Canada (PSEPC)

  2. Air Transportation - Transport Canada

  3. Campaign Against Terrorism - Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada

  4. Civil Aviation - Transport Canada

  5. Reports - Transportation Safety Board of Canada (TSB)

  6. Securitas: Confidential Reporting - Transportation Safety Board of Canada (TSB)

  7. Traveller's Information - Canadian Air Transport Security Authority


see Endangered Species


see Pensions


see History ,  Research

Armed Forces

see also Veterans

  1. Air Cadets

  2. Army Cadets

  3. Become a Canadian Forces Pilot - National Defence

  4. Budget 2006 - Quick Index

  5. Cadets

  6. Canadian Forces Grievance Board

  7. Canadian Forces Liaison Council

  8. Canadian Forces Recruiting - National Defence

  9. Canadian Military History Gateway

  10. Canadian Military Journal

  11. Canadian Post War Military and Dependant Graves

  12. Centre for the Support of Injured and Retired Members and Their Families

  13. Department of National Defence and the Canadian Forces (DND/CF) Web Site

  14. Department of National Defence and the Canadian Forces RSS News Feeds

  15. Dependent Education Management - National Defence

  16. Emergency Management - National Defence

  17. Human Resources - Military

  18. International Commission on Intervention and State Sovereignty (ICISS)

  19. Junior Canadian Ranger Programme

  20. Materiel Acquisition and Support - National Defence

  21. Office of Critical Infrastructure Protection - National Defence

  22. Operations

  23. Peacekeeping

  24. Rebuilding Afghanistan

  25. Reconstructing Haiti

  26. Research and Technologies - Defence Research and Development Canada (Defence R&D Canada)

  27. Sea Cadets

  28. Write to the Troops Message Board


see also Culture

  1. Canadian Museum of Civilization - Features

  2. Canadian Studies Program

  3. Culture.ca - Canada's Cultural Gateway

  4. Culture, Heritage and Recreation

  5. Grant Programs - Canada Council for the Arts

  6. Guide to Canadian Heritage Financial Support Programs (Spring 2006)

  7. Museums and Galleries - Canadian Heritage

  8. Museums in Canada

  9. Tomorrow Starts Today

  10. Virtual Museum of Canada


see Space Sciences


see Space Sciences


see Maps


see also Safety ,  Transport

  1. Advanced Technology Vehicles Program - Transport Canada

  2. Air Bag Safety

  3. Child Restraint Systems - Recalls and Notices

  4. Child Safety (Vehicles) - Transport Canada

  5. Driver's Licence

  6. Office of Petroleum Price Information (OPPI)

  7. Road Safety

  8. Smashed - Information on Drinking and Driving

  9. Transport Canada's Safe Driving Tips

  10. Transportation

  11. Vehicle Recall

  12. Vehicle Scrappage Programs