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Government of Canada / Gouvernement du Canada
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  1. Birth Certificates

  2. Citizenship and Immigration Canada - On-line Services

  3. Driver's Licence - Lost or Stolen

  4. Health Card

  5. How to Prove You Are a Canadian Citizen and Searching Citizenship Records

  6. Newborn Registration Service (Ontario)

  7. Request to Amend the Immigration Record of Landing or Confirmation of Permanent Residence

  8. Passport - How to Obtain

  9. Passport - Lost or Stolen

  10. Passport Applications

  11. Passport Canada

  12. Passport Canada - Points of Service

  13. Passport On-line Form

  14. Social Insurance Number (SIN) - Application Form

  15. Social Insurance Number (SIN) - Lost or Stolen Card


see also Foreign Affairs ,  Visas

  1. Application for a Temporary Resident Visa to Visit Canada

  2. Campaign Against Terrorism - Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada

  3. Chinese Head Tax and Historical Recognition Initiatives

  4. Citizenship and Immigration Application Kits and Forms

  5. Citizenship and Immigration Canada - On-line Services

  6. Going to Canada - Information and Services for Non-Canadians and Newcomers

  7. Host Program

  8. How to Become a Canadian Citizen

  9. Immigrant Services: Immigrating to Canada

  10. Immigrant Services: Living in Canada

  11. Immigrating to Canada as a Skilled Worker

  12. Request to Amend the Immigration Record of Landing or Confirmation of Permanent Residence

  13. Integration-Net - Citizenship and Immigration Canada

  14. International Adoption and the Immigration Process

  15. Language Training for Newcomers to Canada

  16. Live-in Caregiver Program

  17. Managing Access to Canada - Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA)

  18. Metropolis Project

  19. Newcomers to Canada

  20. Permanent Resident Card

  21. Resettling Refugees in Canada - Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC)

  22. The Monitor - Citizenship and Immigration Canada

  23. Welcome to Canada: What You Should Know


see Persons With Disabilities


see Businesses ,  International Trade

Income Tax

see Taxes

Indian Lands

see Aboriginal Peoples


see Aboriginal Peoples

Indian Status

see Aboriginal Peoples


see also Businesses ,  Statistics

  1. Financial Sector Fact Sheets - Finance Canada

  2. Guide to the Industrial Cooperation Program - Canadian International Development Agency

  3. Industry Canada - Programs and Services

  4. Innovation in Canada

  5. Sector Council Program - Human Resources and Social Development (HRSD)

  6. Strategis: Canada's Business and Consumer Site


see also Identification

  1. Alcohol and Pregnancy

  2. Birth Certificates

  3. Child Safety (Vehicles) - Transport Canada

  4. Newborn Registration Service (Ontario)


see also Diseases ,  Health ,  Safety
  1. Pandemic Influenza - Information on Pandemic Influenza and Canada's Preparedness


  1. Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency

  2. Border Infrastructure Fund

  3. Canada Economic Development for Quebec Regions - Programs

  4. Canada Strategic Infrastructure Fund

  5. Canadian Cyber Incident Response Centre

  6. Industry Canada - Programs and Services

  7. Infrastructure Canada Program

  8. Municipal Rural Infrastructure Fund

  9. Office of Critical Infrastructure Protection - National Defence

  10. Public Works and Government Services Canada - Information for Businesses

  11. Public Works and Government Services Canada - Information for Canadians

  12. Public Works and Government Services Canada - Government Clients

  13. Western Economic Diversification Canada (WD) - Sustainable Communities


see Bankruptcy

Intellectual Property

see also Trademarks

  1. Canadian Culture On-line Funding Programs - Electronic Copyright Fund

  2. Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO)

  3. Patents

International Affairs

see Foreign Affairs ,  International Trade

International Organizations

see Foreign Affairs ,  Nongovernmental Organizations

International Trade

see also Businesses

  1. Agri-Food Trade Service - Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

  2. Anti-dumping and Countervailing

  3. Business Info - Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency

  4. Canada Treaty Information

  5. Canada's Diplomatic Relations With Other Countries - Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada

  6. Canadian Automated Export Declaration

  7. Canadian Trade Commissioner Service


  9. Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES)

  10. Customs On-line - Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA)

  11. Customs Tariff

  12. Dialogue on Foreign Policy

  13. Environmental Industries - Industry Canada

  14. Export Development Canada

  15. Export and Import Controls System (EICS) - International Trade Canada (ITCan)

  16. ExportSource.ca (Team Canada Inc)

  17. Guide to the Industrial Cooperation Program - Canadian International Development Agency

  18. International Environmental Youth Corps - Environment Canada

  19. Minerals and Metals Sector - Information for Exporters

  20. NAFTA - North American Free Trade Agreement

  21. Program for Export Market Development

  22. Taxes and Tariffs - Finance Canada

  23. Team Canada

  24. Trade Negotiations and Agreements

  25. Virtual Trade Commissioner - International Trade Canada

International Travel

see Travel


see also Computers ,  Technology

  1. Atlas of Canada

  2. Atomic Energy of Canada Limited - Kid's Zone

  3. Broadband for Rural and Northern Development

  4. Campusdirect - E-learning for Public Service Employees

  5. Canadian Cyber Incident Response Centre

  6. Community Access Program

  7. Computers for Schools Program

  8. Corporation Internet Filing Service

  9. Cybertip.ca - Canada's National Tipline for Reporting the On-line Sexual Exploitation of Children

  10. Cyberwise - National Strategy for the Protection of Children From Sexual Exploitation on the Internet

  11. Digital Economy in Canada

  12. Ebiz.enable

  13. E-services

  14. Electronic Commerce

  15. Electronic Publishing: A Guide to Best Practices for Canadian Publishers

  16. Francommunautés virtuelles

  17. Generations CanConnect

  18. Government of Canada Internet Guide

  19. Government On-Line

  20. Government On-Line Projects 2002-2006

  21. Illegal and Offensive Content on the Internet

  22. Industry Programs - Communications Security Establishment

  23. Information Management Forum: Consultation Drafts

  24. Information Management Portal

  25. Internet

  26. Multimedia and On-line Events - Environment Canada


  28. Report of the Task Force on Spam (Unsolicited Commercial E-mail) - Industry Canada

  29. Retail Trade - Electronic Business Resources

  30. Student Connections Program

  31. Subdomain Registry "gc.ca"

  32. Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat - Information for Canadians

  33. Virtual Museum of Canada

  34. Youth Café

  35. Youth Cyberstation


see Aboriginal Peoples

Isolated Regions

see Rural Communities<