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Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat - Government of Canada
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Treasury Board Secretariat Help Page

Our Web site has been designed to provide you with different ways to find information on the Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat (TBS). This page provides navigational information allowing you to quickly locate the documents, policies, initiatives, and pages that you are looking for.

The Tool Bar

The first menu bar on the top of the page, the Common Menu Bar, is mandatory for all Government of Canada websites in correspondence with the norms set forth by the Treasury Board Secretariat of Canada's Common Look and Feel Standards. It allows you to perform navigational tasks that are frequently necessary on all government sites, including:

  • Switching between the two official languages; in this case, from English to French.
  • Allowing you to Contact Us.
  • Providing Help by directing you back to this page.
  • Running a Search to locate a topic of interest.
  • Linking back to the Canada Home Page.

The second menu bar from the top, the Institutional Menu Bar, is focused on general key navigation elements unique to the Treasury Board Secretariat's site. With it, you can find out:

  • What's New and has been recently updated on the site. You can search multiple timeframes, including weekly (seven day), monthly (thirty day), quarter annually (three month), semi-annually (six month) and annually (year). 
  • About Us, who we are and what we do.
  • About our Policies, where you will be presented with a complete list in alphabetical order.
  • How to navigate our site with some help from our Site Map.
  • How you can always return to our Home page by clicking on the appropriate link.

The Sidebar

Keep in mind that while visiting the Treasury Board Secretariat's website, the sidebar is your key navigational tool. From the Home Page, it allows you to immediately uncover the site section that interests you and link there. Once you are in a new section, it will adapt to the new topic, providing you with new hyperlinks related to your subject.

The biographies of two key figures involved in both the Treasury Board and its Secretariat are easily accessible through the links at the top of the sidebar: the President of the Treasury Board and their Parliamentary Secretary.

The next section of the sidebar involves the Treasury Board Secretariat's Portfolio Partners, other governmental departments that are interconnected with TBS and who assist in the fulfilling of the Treasury Board's mandate. TBS' Portfolio Partners are:

The hyperlinks on the sidebar also provide quick access to information of interest to specific groups of individuals, including:

To facilitate the location of specific TBS website content, you are invited to use one of the following navigational views:

  • Activity: Allows navigation by TBS activity and area of responsibility.
  • Organization: Allows navigation by individual TBS department and organization.
  • A to Z Index: Presents a comprehensive content listing of the entire TBS web site in alphabetical order by topic.

The last section of the sidebar provides a series of Quick Links to the most frequently visited pages of the TBS website. This section incorporates areas such as:

E-Mail Alert:

This feature of the website allows you to register and receive an e-mail notification each time a document of your interest is issued by the Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat.