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Treasury Board of Canada, Secretariat - Government of Canada
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Chief Information Officer Branch
Information Management Resource Centre
Framework for the Management of Information
Table of Contents
About the FMI
Standards and Guidelines
Resources for Employees
Resources for IM Specialists
Business Activities Guide
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Information Management
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Framework for the Management of Information (FMI) in the Government of Canada,

Framework at a Glance
Promoting the FMI
Posters, presentations
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Managing information is a crucial element of all Government of Canada activities and a part of every GoC employees' responsibilities.

The Framework for the Management of Information (FMI) in the Government of Canada provides strategic direction and practical guidance. It describes why and how to integrate the management of information with a wide range of GoC activities to improve business delivery, legal and policy compliance, citizen access and accountability. FMI guidance may be used "as is" or modified to meet specific institutional requirements.

Learn more About the FMI.

Inside the FMI

Core components that define Management of Information (MI) in the Government of Canada, including vision, principles, and links to legislation.

Standards and Guidelines
Comprehensive MI guidance and practices

Resources for Employees
Practical solutions for incorporating MI into day-to-day office activities.

Resources for IM Specialists
Support for IM Services

Business Activities Guide (Coming Soon)
MI as an integral part of business activities

Information Management (IM) and Managing Information (MI): Making the Distinction

  • Information Management is a discipline that directs and supports effective and efficient management of information in an organization from planning and systems development to disposal and/or long-term preservation.

  • Management of Information is an element of every job function in the GoC that has to do with treating the information used or produced in the course of performing the job duties as a strategic business resource and in line with legal and policy requirements.

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